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Children must be 2 years or older and toilet trained to begin the program.

Enrollment shall be granted without discrimination in regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.  Enrollment shall be open to children of any religious persuasion, and the religious beliefs and customs of students and their families will be respected.

Forms for application for enrollment must be completed and returned to the Administrator a minimum of one week prior to the child’s starting date.  Children must have completed medical forms signed by a physician, and immunizations up to date according to Ohio law.

We have an open door policy to parents and they are welcome to stop in at any time of the day.  We encourage you to also participate in the classrooms in the many ways we offer for you to do so.  However, we have strict security measures (all doors and hallways are monitored by security cameras) and all visitors, including parents, must check in at the office upon entering the building.

All children must be signed in when they arrive and signed out when they leave.  Any special message, medication, etc. must be handed directly to the administrator or a staff member.  No child is ever permitted to be dropped off at the entrance or sent inside alone. No child shall be released from the center to a person not authorized by a parent.  It is the parents responsibility to notify the Administrator or head teacher by phone call and/or written permission slip to release the child to anyone other than the parents or guardians themselves.  If a staff member does not recognize the pick-up person, a valid picture I.D. must be shown to staff member before the child will be released.  No child will be released to anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Copies of court documentation must be provided to the center if there are specific custody agreements which limit access and conditions to a child enrolled at the center.

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